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Browsing the FRUUT website and registering as a customer in the online shop presupposes the understanding and acceptance of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy. FRUUT maintains a constant concern for the defence of the privacy of personal data and a preventive action regarding the security of the website and the data protection of its customers and visitors.

To reinforce the guarantees of confidentiality of personal data, new data protection measures have been implemented, both in terms of verifying the legitimacy of the use of the personal data processed, and in terms of ensuring compliance with the rights recognised to the holders of these data. In this context, and through the specialisation of customer support channels, FRUUT intends to promote clearer and more objective communication of the purposes underlying the processing of personal data and the transparency of processing operations.

Thus, the information contained in this text is intended to convey, clearly and unequivocally, the content of the privacy policy and protection of personal data that will be subject to processing in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation in force (hereinafter RGPD) and as delimited by the content of the business relationship to be established between the data subject and FRUUT.

Types of personal data collected

In general terms, personal data is collected in three situations directly arising from FRUUT's activity:

User registration: creation of the FRUUT customer account and purposes of data processing.
For the purpose of creating a customer account, a personal area is made available where the customer must enter the data necessary for their identification as a customer. The first purchase will depend on the provision of additional personal data, essential for order processing and delivery. The mandatory fields in the forms available for those registration phases are marked with an asterisk (*).

FRUUT is committed to protecting customer data and will never make it available to third parties without the knowledge or consent of the owner, as required by law. When processing the customer's order, it is possible that certain personal data (such as address and postal code) may be disclosed to third parties for the sole purpose of preventing and detecting fraud and always following a request to that effect by the competent authorities.

In addition, when you make a purchase on the site, you will also be asked to provide details of the delivery address and payment details in order to ensure that delivery times are met as efficiently as possible.

The data provided will be kept for the strictly necessary period, which normally corresponds to the period of existence of the customer account. For this reason, at the moment in which the customer activates the cancellation of the customer account, the personal data will be definitively erased, with the exception of the data necessary for the fulfilment of legal obligations which will be filed in a database for this purpose and for the time absolutely necessary. If the customer wishes to place a new order on the site, the customer must proceed to a new initial registration, being subject to the terms and conditions in force at the date of registration.

We may also collect other information about the customer experience on the website for the sole purpose of improving the service to be provided to the customer, which we will do after confirmation of knowledge and, where necessary, after the express consent of the holder of the personal data.

In terms of updating customer data,if the customer wishes to verify the data provided to FRUUT, he may do so in his personal area. The customer shall keep his account access data safe, since any action or request made through his account will be his responsibility, provided that the procedures for validating the customer's identity described below are followed. We recommend that you do not store your password in your browser, as another person with access to your computer may access your personal information.

For what purpose are the data collected used?
Customer data is processed in order to carry out actions such as processing orders, notifying you of any changes in the functionality of the website, carrying out surveys and evaluating interactions for statistical purposes. We may also periodically send you information by e-mail about products and services, campaigns, promotions and special offers. If you do not wish to be contacted for these purposes, you may unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the link provided in the text of the newsletter for that specific purpose.

Customer contact with FRUUT
Whenever the customer, on his/her own initiative, contacts FRUUT with the purpose of obtaining information about the products, the purchasing process, the order status or to report any situation related to the website, FRUUT may need to collect additional personal data for various purposes that will be, in the specific case, specifically communicated, but that generically may fall under the following situations: 

-confirm the customer identity and the reason for contact.

FRUUT's contact with the customer
As part of the processing of a specific order, the need may arise for FRUUT to contact the customer to:
i) confirmation or rectification of any of the personal data required to complete the delivery process (e.g. delivery address). In such cases, contact will be made to the mobile phone number on the customer's file.

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